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Low-cost alternate to costly projects such as the former Texas Corridor Plan.

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21st Century Green SuperWay Transport

Future of Transportation...

MegaRail® - Low Risk & Low Cost Transport Options

High-speed road & HSR services on advanced SuperWay
  • Grade-separated, layered over current highway right of way
  • Low-cost, factory-built, stainless steel SuperWay sections
  • SuperWay electric vehicle power for low pollution & cost
  • Safe, automatic steering, speed & position control
  • Enclosed wheelways™ for all-weather operation
    (Similar in appearance to pair of small monorails)
  • High-speed for very low-cost HSR-speed service
  • Separate versions for different service classes & types

High Speed MegaWay
CarTrain™ Service


Commuter SuperWay &
High Capacity Mass Transit

MegaWay high speed (120-mph) systems offer high speed inter-city passenger rail, cargo transport & car-train service on a single, low-cost, low-profile, elevated guideway along existent highway rights of way.
MegaWay commuter rail and mass transit offer high-capacity service, plus cargo transport on a single, low-cost, low-profile, elevated guideway over existent streets & freeways.

MicroWay™ Urban Transit

CargoWay™ Heavy Cargo

MicroWay urban transit systems offer high-capacity mass transit service on a low-cost, very low-profile, elevated guideway over existent streets.
CargoWay Heavy Cargo systems provide automated transport of heavy ISO cargo containers on a low-cost, elevated guideway over existent seaport, highway, pipeline or railroad rights of way.

Unique Solutions to Critical Freeway Traffic &
Pollution Problems & High-speed Rail Need

MegaWay, MicroWay & CargoWay systems provide the following significant benefits from unique and patented features not available with any other system:

  • Safe operation inside enclosed, all-weather, all grade-separated SuperWay enclosed wheelways
  • Very low initial cost of ultra-light, automated factory-built elevated SuperWay sections
  • Fast availability of factory-built SuperWay sections that fit over existent rights of way
  • Highway-type grade capability and very low noise of rubber tires operated inside enclosed SuperWay stainless steel road surfaces

MegaWay, MicroWay & CargoWay provide numerous other important benefits of incorporating state of the art (but off the shelf) features attractive to system owners and users:

  • High functional reliability from multiple-redundant, failure-tolerant designs, including flat-proof tires
  • Low operating costs from small lightweight cars and low maintenance elevated SuperWay design
  • High capacity from short, precise inter-train spacing & full-speed main elevated SuperWay entry and exit.
  • Low air pollution from all-electric operation
  • Short trip times from full-speed intermediate station by-pass

Near-term, No Cost to Taxpayer Transportation Solutions

Fort Worth, Texas

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